Daniel Collins, the producer and director of the MusicFor series would appreciate a supportive hand from sponsors prepared to ease the financial burden placed on every concert.

Daniel has already received sponsorship from Prontaprint, Milton Keynes ensuring the quality of everything from posters to programmes will be of the highest standard.
Howling Creations sponsor the videotaping of the inaugural concert, to provide a lasting record of the very first Music for an Autumn Evening performance.
The concert programmes are graced by the wonderful cover design by Anne-Marie Miller of Carbon Orange graphic design studio. Anne-Marie had captured the warm glow of autumn and quality of the music.
Hollywood Music, Stoney Stratford, Milton Keynes have provided the sound equipment to guarantee the best audio quality for recording the inaugural concert,

The generous nature of patrons supporting the MusicFor concert series will allow Daniel to concentrate on what he does best: providing the audience with first-rate music, and giving them a wonderful evening to remember. The young classical singers and instrumentalists featured in the concerts will have an opportunity to showcase their fine skills and take a step up their career ladder.

Series 1: Music for an Autumn Evening will take place in September this year at Holy Trinty Church, Stroud Green, London. Each series contains four concerts. Series 2: Music for a Winter’s Eve is scheduled for November.

There are many ways to sponsor MusicFor

Daniel is happy to discuss individual arrangements between himself and companies wishing to sponsor MusicFor

bulletCorporate partnership:
Single concerts or entire series are available for sponsorship.
Corporate branding in programme and marketing at specific concerts.
Complimentary tickets - Employee ticket discounts.
Personal greeting service at concerts for guests and clients.

bulletBusiness sponsorship:
Single concerts are available for sponsorship.
Business branding in programme and marketing at sponsored venue.
Complimentary tickets - Employee ticket discounts.
Personal greeting service at concerts for guests and clients.

Sponsorship will help in the following ways:

bulletTo allow for an increase in the number and variety of planned performances.
bulletTo allow Daniel to commission new works to be performed at the concert series.
bulletTo assist in the hiring of scores, and general running costs.
bulletTo allow for the part-time employment of an administrative assistant.

Sponsors are cordially invited to attend all the concerts where they can meet and talk to Daniel about himself and the concert series.

Your presence as a sponsor will greatly enhance the occasion and the experience of the musicians and audience. This would also be an excellent advertising opportunity for your company as you will feature prominently in the concert programme.

Tickets to the concerts will be allocated depending on the size of the donation.

bullet£1000 per concert * bullet£4000 per series *

Other arrangements are available including a small business pack where sponsors can display promotional product material at each venue and be named in the programme. This is an inexpensive way of supporting the MusicFor concert series and interacting with the audience.

The small business sponsorship arrangement starts from as little as £100. Please e-mail dan.collins@musicfor.co.uk to offer your support and to begin discussing how to get the most out of your contribution.

* Sponsorship money remaining after a concert, or at the end of a series will be used only for the benefit of future MusicFor series.

After initial contact Daniel will consult, either in person or by telephone, with prospective sponsors to discuss the MusicFor sponsorship strategy.

Sponsorship money will not be accepted until both parties are in complete agreement.